The ultimate College Media Network

We are the only college marketing platform with access to over 6 Million college students, parents & alumni nationwide; both on-campus and online. We drive meaningful brand conversations at every stage of their college journey.

Digital Marketing

  • Dedicated Emails >

    Branded with the university logo and delivered directly to student, parent, and alumni inboxes.

  • Display Advertising >

    Ads can run nationally or can be targeted to specific markets and schools based on campaign goals.

  • Social Media + Mobile App >

    Have your brand join the conversation whether students are on-campus or on-the-go with dedicated social posts and straight to device push notifications.

  • Custom Content >

    Bring value to your target audience by aligning your brand to their daily media habits with The College Juice; our college focused editorial website.

Live Engagement + On-Campus Marketing

  • High Impact Signage >

    Create a lasting impression with high impact signage in our retail locations, around campus and be featured in our out-of-home TV network.

  • Sampling >

    Get your product sample or branded insert into the hands of millions of collegiate consumers. Deliver your samples in our bookstores or surprise students. Distributed via hand-to-hand or inside our web order boxes.

  • Seasonal Sample Box >

    Capture the loyalty of your target audience by getting your brand in their hands; driving product trials and delivering exclusive offers. This delight and surprise opportunity is available during key moments throughout the year like summer orientation and graduation season.

  • Experiential Marketing >

    Our official on-campus bookstores are busy social hubs on campus where students, parents, and alumni visit to shop, learn, and network.

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