Gen Z Plans to Vote in Big Numbers in the 2020 Election

By Barnes & Noble College

Gen Z college students believe it’s their responsibility to help make the world a better place and to that end, they fully intend to vote in the 2020 election.

Barnes & Noble College connects daily with 11 million college students, parents, and alumni nationwide through its retail stores, e-commerce sites, media network, and insights research panel.

We recently surveyed 2,800 U.S. college students to understand their attitudes, behaviors, and intentions around the upcoming election.

94% of Gen Z college students who are registered or are soon-to-be registered intend to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election.

And, 62% of those planning to vote believe their vote makes a difference.

Since Gen Z accounts for 10% of the country’s voting population, these stats

Other highlights from our research:

  • Gen Z wants to form their own opinions and make their own decisions about the 2020 election. They actively seek information from a number of sources. However, these young adults don’t fully trust information about the election and say it’s challenging to find unbiased info.
  • The pandemic has impacted where and how Gen Z college students will vote – many are opting for mail-in ballots and one third said they are nervous about voting in-person.
  • COVID-19’s health concerns and economic impact alongside social justice and racial inequality are top issues Gen Z wants the next administration to address.
  • Gen Z balances how they handle politics socially. Most discuss with their family/friends but are less likely to share opinions on social media. One-fourth have political views that differ from family/friends – which likely adds another complex layer of emotion.

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