COVID-19 Moves College Online. College Students Are Technically Ready, But Emotionally Unsure.

By Barnes & Noble College

As our world moves online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we reached out to college students and asked them how this abrupt transition is affecting their lives and studies. Barnes & Noble College surveyed hundreds of college students from across the U.S. and here’s what they revealed:

  • Students are split on readiness, with 60% saying they are at least somewhat prepared for the shift to online classes. Those who feel they are the most prepared (70%) are students who have taken online courses in the past.
  • Students are worried about staying focused and that they lack discipline and motivation for long-term online studies. 45% believe that they will not perform as well academically in an online environment.
  • Students miss face-to-face connections. 55% are concerned about their lack of social interactions.
  • Students plan to use a suite of digital technology to continue their education online. 78% expect to use connection tools like Skype, Zoom and chat services, 25% expect to use online study aids more than in the past, and 20% expect to use e-textbooks more.
 Barnes & Noble College surveyed hundreds of U.S. college students after COVID-19

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