Gen Z Weighs in on Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne

By BNC Marketing

SPOILER ALERT: If you aren’t caught up with Game of Thrones, you may want to stop here. 

With the long awaited (and controversial) series finale upon us, we wanted to hear from Gen Z college students who they thought would ultimately sit on the Iron Throne and their feelings towards Season 8.

Barnes & Noble College polled college students nationwide, and here is what they had to say.

According to Gen Z, a Targaryen is going to take the throne, and it’s not Daenerys.

The character with the shortest air time receives the most love from Gen Z.

We asked “If you could bring back any deceased character from any season for the final episode of Season 8, which character would you choose?”

Ned Stark was the overwhelming response.

There has been much speculation as to how Game of Thrones will come to a close, but if Gen Z college students had their way, they would like to see justice served.

Here’s how they think it should end.

  • “Dany will die by her own dragon. Jon Snow will be new king. Arya will become the new protector of the realm. Sansa becomes the warden of the north. Tyrion will remain hand of the king.”
  • “Jon Snow rules Westeros from Winterfell because “someone” got all pissy and burnt King’s Landing to a freakin’ crisp. Daenerys flies off to rule over the unsullied and Dothraki peoples. Mic drop.”
  • “With a bold setup for Season 9!!!!”
  • “I would like to see the major families in allegiance with Jon Snow to unite the seven kingdoms under a banner of peace and freedom not enforced by tyranny.”
  • “Jon and Arya should kill Dany for her crimes against the people of King’s Landing. The Stark family should rule over The Seven Kingdoms.”
  • “Arya kills Danny, Jon becomes King, Tyrion becomes Jon’s hand, Sansa is lord of Winterfell, Bran finds dragon eggs and tells Jon how to hatch them, JON GETS GHOST AND APOLOGIZES FOR NOT SAYING BYE.”

Despite a lot of negative backlash towards the final season, Gen Z college students seem to be enjoying what they’ve seen so far, with 59% saying they like or love it.

Game of Thrones’ series finale airs Sunday, May 19 at 9 pm on HBO.

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