Marketing Strategies to Align with Gen Z’s Confident Sense of Self

By BNC Marketing

What is Sense of Self and What Does It Mean to Gen Z?

When we hear the term sense of self, we think about an individual’s self-image and how they perceive themselves. For some it’s a positive one, for others it’s an area requiring nurturing and hard work.

Overlay this concept to Generation Z, those born 1996 or later, and what emerges is an unwavering, crystal clear, and confident self-image held by members of this demographic.

How does this sense of self—so consistent across this generation—impact Gen Z marketing strategies?

Gen Z: Super confident and reliant on their inner compass.

In our recent Insights Report, Conversations with Gen Z, college-aged individuals described themselves as empathetic, fair, and open-minded towards all others.

Strikingly strong in their convictions, they are empowered in every endeavor they take on – whether it be a career path, creative venture, or social cause.  This generation sees themselves as drivers of change, sharing the responsibility to make the world a better place.

Their self-assurance was rooted at a very early age as Gen Z built their identity using social media. They’re individuals who will not hesitate to push their opinions, question authority, and amplify their voice via social media.

Knowing this, how can marketers get on Gen Z’s radar screen?

Encourage and applaud their efforts. Because they believe older generations dismiss their efforts, they welcome words of encouragement and supporters from all angles. Marketers, host contests that reward their efforts, profile their “heroes” and energize them through social engagement.

Set them up for success. Everyone can use a little help every now and then. Even Gen Z. Use your platform to further amplify their voice.  Provide resources to help them achieve their goals.  Think volunteer grants, scholarships, and life tools.

Align your voice with their persona. Review your brand messaging. Is it as open and accepting as they are? Does it avoid preachy or lecture-like tones?  Is it real and individualistic, mirroring the Gen Z mindset?

Share their commitment. Solicit Gen Z for ideas to enhance your community and philanthropic efforts. Then back up your commitment with corporate resources and follow-through.

The more your brand understands Gen Z and their uniquely powerful sense of self, the stronger your bond will be with them. Want to have a one-on-one discussion with the team who lives and breathes with Gen Z on 750+ US campuses? Drop us a line.

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