Generation Z Values Independent Thinking and Group Voice

By BNC Marketing

4 Insights for Strong Brand Relationships with Gen Z

For marketers, the Gen Z mindset presents a true dichotomy between individual and group thinking.

Here we’ve got a generation that values individualism above all else with each person possessing an unwavering and confident sense of self.  Our recent Barnes & Noble College Insights Conversations with Gen Z revealed that 86% of this demographic believes that people should have the freedom to be whoever they want, and 88% believe in their individual ability to be, do and achieve anything.

While collectively, every Gen Zer identifies strongly with his or her larger cohort. Together, they will mobilize and vocalize in their shared responsibility to change the world. This generation wants to be known as the one that stood together and fought for what they believed in. They consider themselves a progressive generation that is taking on world problems like pollution, hunger, and equal rights.

What does this mean to marketers?

  1. One size does not fit all. This is a fundamental tenet of smart marketing, but with Gen Z it applies more than ever. Product customization and message personalization is key.
  2. Focus on relationships, built one at a time. Take a lesson from Generation Z. Consider up close and personal brand building opportunities using social platforms, placing company reps at events, and leveraging sampling opportunities (so they can see, touch, taste, and smell your products).
  3. The value of reaching Gen Z in context is amplified. For the college-aged segment, this means going on campus, where they are engaged, open to new ideas, and connected with peers. This is when and where they will be receptive to your brand messages.
  4. Choose nontraditional media channels. Today’s students consume news and entertainment on demand. That means more zipping (fast-forwarding through commercials), zapping (changing channels during advertisers’ messages), and cord cutting. Look for new ways to reach this generation where they shop, study, and socialize on campus and reach them in bookstores and via dedicated emails and mobile messaging.

Want more marketing insights on Generation Z? We can help you build strong brand connections with this unique and powerful generation.

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