Social Media Connects, Not Isolates, Gen Z

By BNC Marketing

Research Reveals Positive Impact of Social Media on this Demo

Older generations assume that social media has negatively impacted Gen Z. We’re here to dispel that belief and share comments from Gen Z about how social media positively impacts their everyday lives.

Gen Z, the group born 1996 and later, is the first generation to grow up using social media at a very early age – from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Observers notice eyes locked on screens and social media taking up a good portion of their day, concluding that this generation is inept at face-to-face social interactions. Not so, according to our recent nationwide survey of over 1,500 Gen Z-ers , which uncovered who they really are.

What they told us busts popular myths about what makes this generation tick.

Social media CONNECTS Gen Z. It does not isolate them.
Social media provides the Gen Z demographic with incredibly deep friendships and strong communities of support. Unlike past generations, they report that they are always connected to friends. In fact, 44 percent said that social media has deepened their relationship and connections with friends and peers.

Also, because of social media, they believe they’ve been given a unique ability to extend their empathy — miles, even continents away with the same intensity they experience among neighbors and friends.

Social media has made Gen Z more empathetic.
Respondents repeatedly said older generations misperceive their engagement with social media as selfish and self-centered, while 39 percent told us that social media has made them more empathetic towards the issues and problems faced by others.

Social media has informed Gen Z and enabled them to develop strong opinions.
They get their news from Twitter and numerous other social media outlets and have developed a deep understanding of world issues. Their perspectives, both local and global, serve as the backbone for their opinions. In fact, 46 percent said that social media has helped them form and shape opinions on what matters most to them.

For more actionable Gen Z insights, check out our latest study, “Conversations with Gen Z”.

Conversations with Gen Z

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