Reach Generation Z with More Impact by Aligning with Their Values

By BNC Marketing

Generation Z, born 1996 or later, is a passionate and opinionated group. They face more brand choices than ever and insist that the brands they buy have good intentions and align with their core values.

Our recent survey among 1,500 Gen Zs revealed that marketers must embrace their beliefs or risk losing a demographic with $143 billion in spending power. Words that are not backed with actions will be immediately rejected by this group, so consistently delivering on your promises is the only way to build brand loyalty with Gen Z.

Let’s take a look at Gen Z’s core values and what they mean for marketers.


86% believe people should have the freedom to be whoever they want.

Generation Z fully embraces individuality—their own and others—so your brand should continually look for ways to encourage unique personalities, thoughts and expressions.

MARKETING TACTICS: Consider DIY offerings and product customization options. Retailers with brick-and-mortar space can use their venues as “expression outlets,” including signature walls, comment post cards, YouTube video booths and Instagram opportunities. Promotions can encompass participatory elements, allowing Gen Z’s personal brands to shine. Craft events that are inclusive of all groups and not only encourage, but applaud self-expression.


47% believe their generation is more likely to feel personal responsibility to create positive change in the world while 93% say they believe in standing up and helping others.

Gen Z see themselves as drivers of change and want to make our world a better place for current and future generations. This is your cue to take a lesson from them. Your brand can do good and make a positive impact—all while sending a strong signal to Gen Z.

MARKETING TACTICS: Review your corporate giving and sponsorship policies. Are they truly aligned with the causes they support? Publicize your philanthropy so Gen Z is aware of the causes you support. Consider involving this very eager generation in your efforts—think planning partners, volunteers and those who can help spread the word among their peers.


49% describe their generation as opinionated and 72% are not afraid to say what they want or believe.

Gen Zs will speak their mind anytime and anywhere because they learned to do so at a very early age on social media. They believe it is their right to be heard in all forums, online and in-person, and will voice opinions at every opportunity. They are active members of society with tremendous power to organize and influence.

MARKETING TACTICS: Leverage these opinions, don’t run from them. Solicit their views on new product concepts and designs, promotion ideas and campaign messages. You’ve got a ready, willing and able group who will speak without hesitation. The big caveat: you’ve got to act on what they tell you. Gen Z will expect to see changes implemented as a result of their input.

For more actionable Gen Z insights, check out our latest report, “Conversations with Gen Z”.

Conversations with Gen Z


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