Xbox Partners with BNCM for More Gold Members

By BNC Marketing

Xbox Partners with BNCM for More Gold Members

With more social entertainment options than ever, Xbox has partnered with BNCM to promote an exclusive Gold Membership offer to students, which is only available in our Barnes & Noble College bookstores.

Students who purchase a three month Xbox Gold Membership card at over 500 Barnes & Noble College bookstores, will receive a $10 Xbox gift card.  Students can play games, watch movies, listen to their favorite songs, and much more.

For this exclusive promotion, BNCM has implemented an omni-channel approach, utilizing both our in-store and digital reach to college students.  The marketing campaign maximized the amplification of this great offer to our students.  Xbox Gold Membership cards are strategically positioned in our bookstores’ unique technology display racks and register spinners.  BNCM has also leveraged in-store signage and a dedicated email to reinforce this fantastic promotional offer for students.


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